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The Uses of Bag Filters in Environmental Control

These are devices that are used for air pollution control that help to sieve particulate matter from a stream of gas by passing dirty air through a layer of cloth. Fabric filters are advantageous in this case because they are more reliable in the sense that they are able to maintain a particulate collection efficiency of up to 99% or they can even perform more better than this regardless of the particulate size of the stream of gas. The definition of each type of fabric filters is according to the functionality especially the method in which the collected dust can be removed from the filter surface. Reverse pulse jet fabric filters are individual filters that are either supported by a metal cage, also known as a filter cage, or a specific mechanism called Pulse Pleats. Dirty Gas is channelled from the bottom of the fabric filter and it flows from outside to the inside of the individual filters where the purification process happens. Because of the short duration of the pulse from the compressed air, this acts as rapidly moving shocking waves which travel through the entire length of the filter and costs some type of flex in the filter elements. This happens because the short burst of compressed air is very small compared to the total volume of the gas that passes through the filter’s collector.

This is particularly advantageous in the sense that they can perform the same functions of air control while they are much smaller and cheaper compared to other filters and therefore you can get the same quality using a cheaper option of pulse jet filters. The next type of bag filters is called shaker. It only takes to clean a mechanical shaker bag house is by shaking the horizontal bar from which the bags are suspended on the below of the baghouse.

The channel of dirty gas is quite unique in this type of filter as it enters the bag house and passes through the bag from the inside where the dust collects the inside of the bags. The arrangement of the reverse air bag houses is done in a series of multiple modules each having a unique quality in the cleansing of the dirty air. The flow of the gas helps to maintain the shape of the bag however; rigid rings are sewn to prevent the total collapse and the chaffing of the fabric during the cleansing cycle. The potential danger of gases in industries which are dispensed in the form of industrial waste make fabric filters to be particularly useful in making sure that the industry is safe. The use of bag filters can help crematoriums as they have almost 100% efficiency to remove all harmful particles from the gas smoke that emits especially because of the bacteria and other harmful infections that may be contained in a dead body.

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